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Trusting SEO

Trusting SEO

After establishing your web presence, everybody’s advice to you is to increase the traffic on the website. It’s great to have visitors on your website every day but the typical question arises; HOW? There’s one simple answer to it and that’s Search Engine Optimization. It is highly advisable because what’s the point of having a web presence if there’s nobody to look at you!

With SEO awareness all around, there’s a plethora of tools and websites which claim to be the best in SEO. Typically there are two options that are available to rank higher on the search engines.

1. Updating the content of the website

2. Using Content Management Systems.

Updating the content of the website is inevitable as a static website will never prove to be of use to you. The content needs to be updated, altered and edited frequently. This job is only possible to be done by a web developer. The website builder accesses the code, carefully landing on the page where the data needs to be altered and making the necessary changes to it. The content is to be updated with the trending keywords so as to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). As simple as it may sound, it requires high budgets as the web developers are experts and are highly paid and you cannot afford to step in the coded part of the website no matter how trivial change you need to incorporate.

Using Content Management Systems is very appealing. There are numerous websites which offer free and easy content management tools for free and require no technical knowledge. The most widely used CMS of all is WordPress. It is a great avenue if you are tight on budget and doing it for the sake of SEO. Although widely used, these online tools have their own cons.

Since these tools are available to all, these are not very effective. The WordPress plugins that are easy to install and use are many a time designed and coded by naive and amateur coders. Also, there is no way of finding the authenticity and concreteness of the plug-ins. The plugins may also be a threat to the security of the website and are not worth risking the website content for. Various plugins work to attain various results. These tools when installing simultaneously may generate dead links( ERROR 404). Thus making the ranking on the search engine useless as the website cannot be reached at all. Making all the efforts futile.

It will be unfair to say that the plugins and reaching the site by the traditional "Keyword stuffing method“ is totally worthless. To rank higher on the SERP, there needs to be a perfect balance between the conventional and modern SEO methods. This can only be achieved by experts in the field.

To cater to all your SEO needs and to achieve desired results, the adept team at ComputoVision is a one-stop solution. We know the perfect blend of conventional and modern SEO techniques that suits your website. Our methods are tailored to suit your website’s nature. Our highest commitment is to achieve the results you desire much earlier than what other only claims.

Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or get in touch with us at +91 7350 734 304 for details.

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