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Business Website SEO

Business Website SEO

Today, the solution to everything is internet! Why would I say that? Think about it. Think about the last time you searched for the meaning of a word in a dictionary, or the last time you bought a DVD to watch your favorite film, or the last time you tried to connect with a friend by visiting his place. Got your answer? With /Google, Netflix and Facebook, the whole world has boiled down to a six inch cell phone or at max a  25 inch laptop.

So why not your business, if you’re not found on Web, where exactly are you? With people on internet increasing every minute, it is utterly important for your business to find a place on the Web. The primary step to establish your presence is having your website. A website is now like a mandatory identity. The concept of having a website is not a new entrant to the world, it has been recognized years ago and as a result, almost every business has its own URL and boosts about its web presence.

A website is like a garden you’ve built. Sown seeds of passions, decorated it with all your favorite features, fencing it with security tools, choosing the vital fertilizers of social media and expecting number of people visiting daily. You also expect the garden to yield good fruits.

But what use is a garden if there are hardly any visitors in it? Worthless. Right? Similarly, what good is your website doing to your business if there are no people visiting it?  A website when built says a lot about you and your business but with the absence of visitors, it achieves no target. To make your website visible, you need a gardener, which is the SEO of your website. Like a gardener, SEO makes sure all the pages in your website are well nurtured and optimized to ensure higher rankings.

Especially for the businesses which are seeking clients through their website or are looking to monetize through their website in some or the other manner, TRAFFIC on the website is the only word. Deploying SEO on the website makes sure it ranks higher and on the first page of the search Engine. It is human nature to only tend to trust the list of websites that appear on the top. There’s always a very high regard for the websites which rank first in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Thus for your brand/ business to be perceived trustworthy, Google ranking plays an important and vital role.

High ranking on search engines is like Google recommending your website against the words entered by the user. It stands for highest relevance. The question that arises often on understanding what SEO is that, if it is so essential, why aren’t people doing it? The answer is, everybody is doing it! There are SEO ‘experts’ everywhere. But as a matter of fact, not all the websites can rank number 1 on Google. For your website to rank the highest possible on Google or for that matter any other search engine, you need the right blend of organic SEO, proper permutation and combination of the various SEO tools, technical sound and regularly updated website. It is rather difficult to actually find someone to understand all the intricacies of SEO and here’s where ComputoVision bridges the gap. Our team of proficient SEO managers is the most trusted and well equipped in the whole industry.

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