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10 actionable SEO Tips | SEO in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur

10 actionable SEO Tips | SEO in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur

There are Basically 10 actionable SEO Tips for you to implement for your website, they are: 

  • Get active on at least 3 social media platforms and build a strong audience who actively shares your content.
  • Add descriptive Alt Text to your website's images.
  • Implement the relevant schema markup on your website to increase your website traffic.
  • Do an outbound link search on your website and ensure you are only linking to sites with a low spam score and high domain authority.

  • Implement caching, compression and optimizing your image delivery via a CDN and compressed images.This will increase your page speed and improve your rankings. 
  • Make your content engaging so that visitors spend more time on each page.
  • Re-write your page titles to include no more than 1 version of your keyword while utilizing it in a user-friendly way.
  • Invest in an SSL certificate and implement an HTTPS version of your website.
  • Update your headings (Hl, H2, etc) to be more user-friendly and compelling, rather than stuffed with variations of your keywords.
  • Shorten your URL's to 3-4 words maximum. Cut out the fillers and stick to the pure content that helps your readers understand the page.


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