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Today, the solution to everything is internet! Why would I say that? Think about it. Think about the last time you searched for the meaning of a word in a dictionary, or the last time you bought a DVD to watch your favorite film, or the last time you tried to connect with a friend by visiting his place. Got your answer? With /Google, Netflix and Facebook, the whole world has boiled down to a six inch cell phone or at max a  25 inch laptop.


Trusting SEO

After establishing your web presence, everybody’s advice to you is to increase the traffic on the website. It’s great to have visitors on your website every day but the typical question arises; HOW? There’s one simple answer to it and that’s Search Engine Optimization. It is highly advisable because what’s the point of having a web presence if there’s nobody to look at you!


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In today’s world everybody is in a race to be found. Found by friends, found by luck, found by blessed destiny, found by the right life partner and found on the web. The joy of finding yourself on the web is overwhelming and unparalleled.

ComputoVision has a vision to make every business go online in an affordable way with no compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.


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